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The Paideia Group understands what it takes to create excellent performance results: Individuals and their teams working to their potential, leadership that offers a compelling vision, clear direction and accountability for results, and an environment that expects managers to coach their people to be their best.

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Supporting and developing executives for 18+ years.

As a senior leader, you know how lonely it gets at the top. For a variety of reasons, you need to keep counsel with yourself regarding important decisions, challenging situations and other issues with high impact on the organization.  You need someone to be in that space with you, but outside of your business, with objectivity and a focus on you. 

I am the trusted confidante of senior executives who need a sounding board, someone to challenge their perspective and to help think through important decisions. Schedule a consultation with me to see if we can work together for your benefit.  All conversations are strictly confidential. 

Leadership Development

The intentional focus on the development of leaders has a profound impact on organization performance. MAKE it happen.

Executive Coaching Services

Leaders remain relevant by staying ahead of the upcoming curves, being open to new ideas, and surrounding themselves with other smart people

High Performing Teams

Research proves that high-performing teams achieve more, in less time, and with higher quality outcomes. 

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