The Paideia Group Purpose, Goals and Values

We are the trusted ally of senior executives who aspire to personal, professional and organization excellence. Our clients leverage their self-awareness, courage, and leadership skills to think broadly, stretch wisely and create increased impact.

Our code of confidentiality encourages openness, honesty, and vulnerability, which inspires out of the box thinking and big ideas.

We support our clients on their personal and professional journeys as they seek to become their best selves in service to others in all areas of their lives.





About our Founder

Beth Symes founded THE PAIDEIA GROUP to help individuals and organizations perform to their potential. In our fast-paced world, with so much changing so quickly, it can be difficult to stay on top of your game.

Performing at our best requires a high degree of self-awareness. Blind spots and bad habits are developed over time and often go unnoticed by the individual. You can be sure, however, these behaviors are noticed by those around you! Beth works with individuals to raise their self-awareness, challenge their thinking, and develop next-level skills that create greater impact.

The Paideia Group offers numerous avenues for professional development. Executive Coaching engagements are unique and shaped to meet the client’s development expectations. Are you preparing for a promotion? 

Have you received surprising feedback that indicates some growth opportunities? Have you been recently promoted and want to ensure a solid start to your new role? Have you been told to “improve your presence”? Although we can identify those who have executive presence, it can be difficult to understand how to elevate it in ourselves.

Team development is essential in today’s highly collaborative environment. Our team-based initiatives are designed to educate, cultivate, and maximize team capabilities and contributions.

The Paideia Group helps leadership teams align around common goals, break down barriers to working together, and helps to develop behaviors key to high performance. Teams who know the secrets to working well outperform those who do not. Effective teamwork does not happen overnight. It takes work and commitment to create the synergy and understanding of the behaviors needed to reach high performance.

Leadership Development is available for organizations wanting to provide a range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of next-generation leadership. These programs have built-in flexibility and are designed in partnership with your organization and is unique to your needs. Programs can be delivered in person or remotely.

Beth is a professional certified executive coach with over 18 years of experience leading The Paideia Group. Her clients include Glaxo Smith Klein, NGA, Pliant Rx, Acertus, Nestle, and others. Beth earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers College and a Master’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Beth also earned a second Masters in Human and Organization Development from Fielding Graduate University where she also earned her coaching credentials. Her coaching work is preceded by experience across several industries, in leadership, development, and product-centric roles.

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