Leadership Development

Business success in the 21st century will fall to those who have the ability to keep issues of key importance top of mind. 

The 21st-century leader will know when to focus on strategy and when to adapt that strategy in response to or in anticipation of their industry changes.

These leaders will execute change at the highest levels and will need to embed those changes at every level

Success with these leaders is contingent on their insight, self-awareness, communication skills, EQ abilities and business savvy.

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Accelerated High Potential Leadership Development

Many organizations are facing a talent shortage in their next-generation leadership pools. Faced with anticipated retirements, growth, and other factors, organizations are facing a talent gap to replace those seasoned senior executives.

The Paideia Group offers an enhanced next-generation executive development process that works with organizations to accelerate the development of identified high potential individuals, in preparation for a role change within the next 6-12 months. These individuals have already demonstrated their potential but lack the experience that more seasoned leaders already have.

Through this customized process, candidates will be groomed for specific opportunities and be prepared to make a seamless transition into their new role. This process is unique to them and the role they have been identified to fill. This approach is flexible enough to leverage the individual’s existing strengths and supplement identifiable gaps with clearly identified learning opportunities.

High Impact Leadership

This program provides a holistic development approach that aligns with the organization’s values, strategies, and leadership framework. Our approach recognizes the uniqueness of your organization and what makes it successful. 

Together, we define outcomes for participants that support their next leadership role. What are the expectations of the organization’s leaders? What behaviors are essential for leadership success in their organization? What will make this person a seasoned executive in the future?

In leadership, one size most definitely does NOT fit all.

 Participants come to this process as individuals and leave it with greater awareness of their strengths, new insights about themselves and others, and the means to have a greater impact across the organization. Participants will finalize this process with a well-crafted leadership identity.

Cultivating High Performing Team Behaviors

This workshop is for the newly formed team to ensure they learn the foundation of high-performing
team behavior. A variety of topics will be covered, including:

  • Creating psychological safety
  • Emotional intelligence and how to use it
  • Key listening skills
  • Team interaction
  • Rules of engagement
  • A variety of assessments that will lend personal insight while optimizing team perform

From Broken to Brilliant – Getting a challenged team back on track

This workshop is for intact teams that have devolved into non-productive behaviors for a variety of reasons. Because the team is working on highly important projects and it is deemed “too important to fail” this process identifies the barriers to success and gets the team repositioned for success.

  • Interviews with team members individually to understand the current situation with the team
    o How do they view each other?
    o What would they say is getting in the way of success?
  • Team assessment to identify what’s not working
  • Insights from the feedback
  • Facilitated sessions to talk through and identify next steps for getting on track
  • Active re-engagement with a project with a commitment to accountabilities
  • Other support as needed for the next several months to ensure the team continues to use their new skills

Executive Coaching

Where Performance Meets Potential

As a senior leader, you know how lonely it gets at the top. For a variety of reasons, you need to keep counsel with yourself regarding important decisions, challenging situations and other issues with high impact on the organization.  You need someone to be in that space with you, but outside of your business, with objectivity and a focus on you. 

I am the trusted confidante of senior executives who need a sounding board, someone to challenge their perspective and to help think through important decisions. Schedule a consultation with me to see if we can work together for your benefit.  All conversations are strictly confidential. 

Emerging Leaders and Mid-Level Managers

This group of professionals has enough experience to know that they “don’t know what they don’t know” and are very open to filling those gaps. 

As middle-managers they are focused on both people management and department operations. The role has many challenges including time management, prioritization, and not the least of all, people leadership. This level of leader has to be effective in the entire arena of communication skills and people management.

 Professional coaching supports their development through 360 feedback, crafting development goals, and providing ongoing support as they work to achieve their learning objectives.

Corporate Wide Coaching Program

Would you like to imbed coaching into your organization? Call us to discuss your interest. We can provide workshops to teach leaders how to coach, and can also offer more favorable rates with a commitment of 15 coaching engagements a year.

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