Developing High Performing Teams

Cultivating High Performing Team Behaviors

This workshop is for the newly formed team to ensure they learn the foundation of high-performing
team behavior. A variety of topics will be covered, including:

  • Creating psychological safety
  • Emotional intelligence and how to use it
  • Key listening skills
  • Team interaction
  • Rules of engagement
  • A variety of assessments that will lend personal insight while optimizing team perform

From Broken to Brilliant – Getting a challenged team back on track

This workshop is for intact teams that have devolved into non-productive behaviors for a variety of reasons. Because the team is working on highly important projects and it is deemed “too important to fail” this process identifies the barriers to success and gets the team repositioned for success.

  • Interviews with team members individually to understand the current situation with the team
    o How do they view each other?
    o What would they say is getting in the way of success?
  • Team assessment to identify what’s not working
  • Insights from the feedback
  • Facilitated sessions to talk through and identify next steps for getting on track
  • Active re-engagement with a project with a commitment to accountabilities
  • Other support as needed for the next several months to ensure the team continues to use their new skills

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